Dr Barzvi is a licensed, clinical psychologist and the founder and Director of Madison Psychology: The Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Center of New York. 
Dr Barzvi has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Barzvi has extensive experience treating Anxiety Disorders including Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, School Refusal, GAD, and Separation Anxiety, as well as Mood DIsorders. She is also a skilled parenting coach. 
Dr Barzvi is the former Clinical Director of the Anxiety and Mood Disorder Center at the NYU Child Study Center, and currently serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the NYU Langone Medical Center.
Dr Barzvi co-hosts Doctor Radio, About Our Kids, on SiriusXM CHannel 110 (live Fridays 8-10am), a weekly live radio show devoted to giving information and advice on children, teens, yound adults and parenting.
Dr Barzvi works with a team of talented psychologist, social workers and psychiatrists to ensure that you get the best care possible 
  1. Doctor Radio, "About Our Kids"  Sirius XM Channel 110
    Doctor Radio, "About Our Kids" Sirius XM Channel 110
    Dr Barzvi is co-host of "About Our Kids" on DOCTOR RADIO. A live program about parent, child, teen and family mental health issues, from psychiatric and learning disorders to self-esteem and school success. Hear expert guests from the NYU Child Study Center and around the world.
  2. Discipline, Sleep, Anxiety, OCD, Workshops, Talks
    Workshops, Talks, Consultations
    Dr. Barzvi devotes a great deal of her time to conducting lectures, workshops and seminars to educate parents, communities, school personnel and other mental health professionals. Topics include Positive Discipline, Managing Anxiety in the Classroom, Coping with College Application Stress, OCD: When your Brian gets Stuck, Take Control of Your Thinking, How to get Kids to Listen the First Time
  3. In The Media
    In The Media
    Dr. Barzvi frequently appears on local and national television talk shows and news shows including The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, WNBC’s Live at 5, MSNBC, and the Hallmark Channel: New Mornings. She has also been quoted in a wide variety of popular magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, W Magazine, USA Weekend, Women’s World, The Associated Press, Child Magazine, Parents Magazine, Youth Magazine, Esperanza Magazine, Redbook, Education Update and Nick Jr. Family Magazine. Through her teaching, public speaking engagements, television and radio appearances, and writing, she has been dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues both nationally and internationally.